Colombian Coffee Infused w/ CBD

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Our Colombian medium roast coffee is only made with high quality 100% Arabica beans, expertly roasted and immediately packed for freshness. Full-bodied with a smooth finish, this well-balanced cup has a subtle citrus aroma and hints of cocoa and brown sugar.

As much of an emphasis as we put into the quality of our ingredients, we are equally as dedicated in the quality of our delivery methods. We utilize a proprietary micellar nanotechnology that produces a highly bioavailable CBD molecule (>100 nanometers). The technology utilizes a unique manufacturing process that forms a CBD micellar nano-sized molecule which can more easily pass through the intestinal barrier resulting in enhanced delivery and bioavailability of CBD.

The proprietary micellar nanotechnology provides and new and revolutionizing approach for increasing the oral bioavailability and absorption of CBD. Additionally, the micellar nanotechnology allows for a more consistent dose of CBD to be delivered into the body that optimize the health benefits of CBD and created homeostasis (balance) in the body.

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